covid-buenoThe working group in charge of the control of the pandemic at the Afro-American University Central Africa has met throughout the week to establish surveillance strategies for possible cases of covid 19 in the university environment.

By: Fortunato Esono Obama Andong

The working group for the control of possible cases of covid-19 have established a work schedule. They meet every Monday to discuss pandemic prevention on campus. As a result of this work, this committee has met this week to establish a protocol and thus have better surveillance

The first meeting of the week has been between the members of this group, and has begun with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, after this reading, addressing issues concerning the designs of posters and pamphlets that would serve to sensitize the university community as for the constant use of masks.

The other point presented in this working session dealt with the vaccination process of the members of this University Institution, a matter in which Florentina has exhaustively detailed how this task of injecting the first dose has been carried out both to students, as well as to AAUCA staff. Among other topics of the day, there was that of disinfectants, at which point the doctor has raised the need to increase gels and other prevention material.

La segunda reunión llevada a cabo durante la semana ha sido con algunos estudiantes de la Universidad Afro-Americana de África Central, el motivo de este encuentro es de involucrar a los mismo para que colaboren con el comité en el tema de la sensibilización, entre otros asuntosThe second meeting held during the week was with some students from the Afro-American University of Central Africa, the reason for this meeting is to involve them to collaborate with the committee on the issue of awareness, among others matters.


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