AAUCA New Draft STATUTES and Bye-Laws

The statutes and bye-laws have been drafted by Rector and have been sent out to the AAUCA key stakeholders including RMT, for input before finalization and submission to the Government for their consideration and final approval. The main idea behind this new draft is to have in place a simple and purposive governance model for the AAUCA providing the needed flexibility which is a very crucial factor in the formative years of the university.

The new proposal from the Rector is that the following documents are approved by the Government:

  1.  AAUCA Statutes– Establishment and Status
  2.  AAUCA Bye-laws – Governance & Management
  3. AAUCA Policies and Procedure Statements (P&Ps) – Academic and Administrative Operations

AAUCA Statutes – The AAUCA Statutes are the formal written enactment by the Government on the establishment of AAUCA, its status, rights and privileges, structure of governance and management etc. The Statutes therefore are more fixed by nature and very rarely amended.

AAUCA Bye-laws – The AAUCA Bye-laws are guided and pursuant to the AAUCA Statutes and provides more detailed stipulations on how AAUCA’s Governing Board, Executive Committee and Management etc. regulates itself. Unlike the Statutes, the Bye-laws can be amended as needed along with the evolution of AAUCA.

AAUCA Academic and Policy and Procedure Statements (P&Ps) – the AAUCA P&Ps set forth policies, procedures for the operational management of AAUCA. A policy of AAUCA is a governing principle, while a procedure identifies what steps are required for compliance with the policy. AAUCA P&Ps are evolving documents which are updated regularly in line with developments at AAUCA and as needed, also looking at best practices in other well-established universities.

The Rector will have a presentation to the AAUCA community on the above subject on April 30 at 11.30 am.


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