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The Afro-American University of Central Africa (AAUCA) is located in Equatorial Guinea, in the City of Peace, Djibloho province.

A highway connects the emblematic City of Peace with the main cities of the Continental Region. In Mongomeyén there is a modern international airport that connects to the University just 15 minutes away by car.

The environment of the African American University of Central Africa enjoys a climate, fauna, flora, orography and hydrography that guarantee an exceptional level of healthy living.


AAUCA’s mission is to be a University of academic and research excellence committed to the scientific, technological and cultural domain; a University oriented to the training of people of high professional quality, leadership and competitiveness and based on the excellence of its academic staff in exchanges with other universities, through scientific networks, promotion and cooperation at the national and international level.


AAUCA’s vision is to become a benchmark university in Africa whose values ​​promote pan-Africanism in the subregion as a way to lead scientific and technological development aimed at solving social demands based on sustainability.

AAUCA’s History

And this is how AAUCA started.

The project began in 2008 following the clear vision of the President and his commitment to the fulfillment
of the objectives of Horizon 2020. The opening of AAUCA is the consummation of many efforts and wishes to build a better Guinea.

We are proud of the strides AAUCA has taken thus far and look forward to the bright future that awaits our University, as well as that of the students we educate.

The Afro-American University of Central Africa (AAUCA) is a university of excellence with a global reach. Equatorial Guinea has signed a Cooperation Agreement with UNESCO, entrusting the United Nations System, specialized in Education, Science, Culture and Communication, with the launch and management of AAUCA during the next five years.

The brand new AAUCA campus stretches over 115,000 m2 in the region Oyala- Djibloho – Mongomo. Its modern infrastructure offers nine imposing buildings that are housing eight faculties (Computer Science, Engineering, Education, Natural Sciences, Economic and Commercial Sciences, Marine Science and Environment, Architecture, Medicine and Biology). Further, there is a light filled general library, a modern computer lab, a modern canteen, a state of the art auditorium, fully furnished student and faculty dorms and a sport complex.

AAUCA is committed to promote collaboration between specialists from different disciplines in order to train a new generation of talents, to enable human and sustainable development, both in the private and public sectors.

Our Faculty.

Our faculties are comprised of highly qualified professionals in their respective areas of expertise, all motivated by and committed to one cause – the education and development of their students.

For their important role in shaping our society, faculty receive the respect of the university community and the possibility to continue their studies through research or publication thanks to the technology on site. Additionally we are working on agreements to exchange and develop ideas within the international community of educators.

The acknowledgement of education and its impact in our personal and professional lives shows the path to a more prosperous cultivated society that is open to innovation and growth. If you are a lecturer or professor, speak Spanish and English, believe that education is the key to growth, are curious about other cultures and would consider relocation to Africa, our team is waiting for you.

If you want to be part of AAUCA, send an email with your resume to or check our ¨Careers¨
section for more information.

Welcome to Our Campus.

Our campus provides the ideal learning environment and is equipped with facilities and amenities that cater to both study and recreation. With auditoriums, laboratories, libraries and a vast array of sporting and leisure facilities, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is what to do first.

Campus Life.

Living on Campus

Campus life is a unique experience for university students. They will enjoy their free time, get to know new and interesting people and make the most of the academic learning process.

Living on AAUCA’s campus has many advantages. Not only do you benefit from being close to your classes, but you are also in a stunning setting, surrounded by nature, with other facilities and amenities onsite to keep you entertained. The residences are very comfortable; there are commercial and dining areas within the campus, and also areas dedicated to sports and study.

The AAUCA Club is our activities club, which organizes special events and sporting, academic and recreational activities, catering to those who live on campus.

The wellbeing of our students is our priority. The values AAUCA instils in its students and the wish to promote mutual learning and fellowship aim to turn the university years into a unique and unforgettable experience, full of memories and lasting friendships. With so much to do, see, and learn on campus, there really is no better place to be.

AAUCA club activities

This is your club!

AAUCA Club is an organization that is part of the Afro-American University of Central Africa and plans to bring Equatorial Guinea’s youth various dynamic and fun activities.

Our Club engages in social and cultural debates, training and educational activities, sports, crafts, parades, dancing, singing and much more. We are known as a unique club where young adults develop friendships while learning values and knowledge.
Activities vary constantly and are done once a month in different cities in Equatorial Guinea.
More and more young people want to join our AAUCA Club, as they are constantly making new friends, enjoying unforgettable moments and having fun in a big way.

Our Facilities

AAUCA extends over 86 hectares in northern Oyala, a currently developing city and future capital of Equatorial Guinea. The Campus itself is like a miniature city and covers everything a student may require comfortably and securely during the learning process.

Our facilities are in a beautiful wooded area with meadows, gardens and lakes. The features include:

Laboratories and Areas Reserved for Research

Each college boasts facilities that are specifically designed for research and hands-on learning. Each of these areas are equipped with specific equipment to facilitate the learning process.


Language Center

At AAUCA, we know the importance of multiple languages for professional success. That’s why we work hard to make our students’ vocabulary and fluency as strong as possible, so they can communicate effectively in any situation. Within the University, we have two Language Centers that focus specifically on this task.

Main Library

As well as housing a complete collection of textbooks for every course we offer, the library also contains recreational reading material. Within the main Library there are areas to work in groups, private booths and also an exhibition area.

Administration Building

The Administration building presides over all aspects related to the management of the University and contains many offices, meeting rooms, an auditorium and a cafeteria.

Theaters and Auditorium

There are multiple theaters and auditoriums within our University premises, each of them with different sizes and features. These spaces are used to host institutional events, dramatic plays, symposiums and talks from and for the University community.

Sports Complex

Our Sports Complex was designed to offer our students a vast range of athletic activities, catering to every hobby and passion. These include: basketball, handball, tennis, and volleyball courts, a complete gym, swimming pool, hydrotherapy complex with spa area, showers and sauna.

Shopping Center

The Shopping Center features outlets that provide students with basic amenities such as a coffee shop, supermarket, hairdresser, stationary store, etc.

Dining Area

Close to the Student Residences, the dining area is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at set times, and acts as a cafeteria at all other times. The menus are chosen to be nutritious and healthy for our university community.


Our state-of-the-art stadium is where our student community comes to life, boasting enough room to fit around 2,500 spectators. It will undoubtedly become a thriving hub for student recreation.

With an incredible football field, running track, and arena-quality lighting and sound, we have no doubt that this stadium will act as the sporting heart of our campus. In fact, throughout the year, the AAUCA Club offers many activities and organizes events, sports tournaments, and competitions. 


The Student Residences host twin rooms that come fully furnished ,with the option of en-suite bathrooms or shared bathrooms in the corridor. The residences also benefit from a laundry room and being in close proximity to all the facilities and amenities of the campus, making them an excellent option for an academic, recreational, and social life at AAUCA.



Tuition fee

The tuition cost for the complete cycle of the Preparatory Year (AP) is set at 2,500,000 FCFA for 12 months. This cost includes registration fees, accommodation and catering

Student Support

Because We Care...

We care deeply about our students and their wellbeing. That’s why we have special staff on hand to offer help and support wherever it is needed. While student life is a special time, it can also be stressful, so it’s nice to know you can talk to someone.. We are a community and that’s why we look out for each other. So, whatever difficulties you are having, whether emotional problems, stress, loneliness or anything else, you can rely on us to listen and help. We’re there for you.

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