The Rector of the AAUCA has presented this Friday, May 28, 2021 to the university community the brand of this Higher Education Institution based in the province of Djibloho, Equatorial Guinea.

 By: Fortunato Esono OBAMA ANDONG

According to the content marketing consultant and journalist Edgar Higuerey, “branding is an important component of the brand’s identity and a great differential in the educational field. Currently there is so much information about educational offers, programs that can be chosen, financing plans and more, that the competition between institutions to stand out is increasingly greater”. Faced with this need to become known and comply with current demands in the educational field, those responsible for the Afro-American University of Central Africa (AAUCA) located in the province of Djibloho, are looking for mechanisms to place this institution in the international ranking To achieve this purpose, the ideal has been to create a brand that awakens stimuli in its target audience and generates a presence throughout the national and international scope and thus attracts the attention of potential future students, both within and outside our borders.

During the presentation, Prof. Dr. Said IRANDOUST pointed out that there is no confusion between marketing and branding: “we must have a strong brand proposition and promise, because no amount of marketing will attract or retain customers”. He continued his presentation by pointing out that “a brand is not a thing, a product, an organization or a company, but can be better described as the sum total of all human experiences, perceptions and feelings about a thing, a product or an organization, because it exists in the consciences of people and the public. Some important pillars of the brand of a higher education institution are among others: the development of a strategic communication. To build our brand, quality is a vital component, differentiation, relevance, knowledge, among others.

AAUCA is a student-centered university. Teaching, learning and student interaction are the main mission of this institution. Starting with the first experience of future students. AAUCA programs and services are designed to meet the needs of students as effectively and efficiently as possible. To achieve this goal, AAUCA needs to be funded, operated, and managed to deliver on its brand promise. Have an organizational framework to align our aspirations with the strategic plan: implement a planning process that links resources to objectives and goals. Foster a culture of trust on campus, have a shared vision and pride for the future. So the values ​​that should prevail on this campus are: integrity, excellence, respect for diversity and compassion. It is the vision of the board of directors of the Afro-American University of Central Africa After the presentation of the subject, in the open microphone section, there were several interventions by way of suggestions, requests, questions and comments where both administrators, teachers and students expressed themselves. In this section it should also be noted that the Rector also screened a video and a parenthesis was opened. After the meeting, there was a special lunch at the Grand Hotel Djibloho facilities with the entire university community, where those who participated in said lunch could enjoy such a pleasant moment, ending it with a movie.


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