A CEMAC Commission met this Thursday with the Academic Vice President of the Afro-American University of Central Africa in the City of La Paz, Djibloho Province.

By Fortunato Esono/ 21/10/2021

It is the Department of Education, Research and Social Development in charge of Human Rights and Good Governance, headed by the Commissioner in charge of Education, Research and Professional Training of the CEMAC, José Antonio Edjang NTUTUMU, who, according to him, They have gathered here today at the request of the Government of Equatorial Guinea, to inquire about the AAUCA.

The objective of this meeting has been to learn about the Afro-American University of Central Africa, so that the CEMAC can assist this Academic Institution so that it has coverage at the community level and that the students of the subregion have access to the AAUCA.

According to the CEMAC report, academic excellence is an important factor in the growth of countries that aspire to lasting development, therefore, to stimulate this excellence and strengthen the international competitiveness of the AAUCA university system, the Government of Equatorial Guinea, with the support of the community and the associations, have designed some actions, among them, reinforcing the autonomy of establishments in the pedagogical, financial and human resources management plan, increasing the media significantly, because the analysis of the media of the best universities in the world show that it is important to combine strengths and concentrate resources …

During the development of the work, the technicians have addressed several issues, among which they have mentioned the classification of the universities in the world ranking, they have stressed that the AAUCA should and can be the first university in the CEMAC Zone to be placed in the ranking world of the best university institutions. “The AUUCA has the possibility to choose between several classifications”, the speaker stressed. One of the classifications mentioned in the work session was that of Shanghai, which, to be in it, the AAUCA must meet certain requirements, among which are the following: to offer an international and attractive training with excellent diplomas , create links with the professional world (associations), among others.

 By way of conclusion, the CEMAC Commission and the AAUCCA Academics have exchanged the dossiers so that they can be subjected to a study by both parties.

The two vice-rectors have participated in this working session: Dr. Jesús Nvé MITOGO Academic Vice-Rector, Dr. Armando Monsuy ENGONGA NCHAMA, Administrative Vice-Rector, Dr. Juan Carlos Cervera RIBADO, Secretary General and some professors from this university.




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