The University Community has attended for a week the seminar on climate change organized by Professor Doctor José Duque. 11/15/2021 .


The auditorium hall of the Afro-American University of Central Africa was the setting for a seminar on climate change. Before its development, the Rector gave a speech on the same event where he stressed that Cop 26 is a crucial moment to strive to address the global climate crisis, and the role of universities and the participation of young people in the fight against global warming is becoming increasingly important. “Universities can help governments solve climate-related problems with answers that are based on science,” said Rector Doctor Said IRANDOUST.

During the seminar, they screened several videos about the interventions of the different world leaders who participated in this summit, from November 6 to 13, 2021 in the Scottish city of Glasgow, United Kingdom. In these speeches, the different leaders pledged to fight against climate change.

The dynamics that took place during the development of this seminar at the Afro-American University of Central Africa, was of much reflection and several presentations by the professors of this Academic Institution, among the lecturers, were the biologist Norberto Simón Nguema MIYONO, who He addressed the issue of flora and fauna, a conservation tool. During his presentation, he decided that Equatorial Guinea is located within the area called “Guineo-Congolese Regional Endemic Center. The other speaker was Professor Fortunato Mba, an agronomist, whose theme was bees, importance for humanity, while Doctor Said IRANDOUST, spoke about technological innovation, among others.

Other protagonists of the seminar were the students, who did not let these issues go unnoticed. They showed interest during the development of this event, which was held for a week at the AAUCA.

It should be noted that the acronym COP in English refers to the Conference of the Parties. That is, to the normally annual meeting of the almost 200 countries that arepart of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The convention was adopted in 1992 and established that greenhouse gases emitted by humans in their daily activities are contributing to climate change. The convention also established that the signatories must reduce these gases.


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