The African-American University of Central Africa has celebrated this Friday, April 23, the International Book Day, organizing several activities related to this event.

The celebration of the day of the book at the AAUCA has been determined by the Conference titled “the book, reading and the law of university competitiveness”, offered by the Reverend Salustiano Oyono Nguema Magué, who, when starting with his exposition, has recalled and brought to mind the personalities of literature and books, affirming this is to honor what is part of the fifth essence of the human being, the Word. The speaker has divided his exposition into four sections, bei

ng one of them competitiveness, pointing that “public and university policies should offer anticipated and prophetically motivating paths and many motivating ways that encourage future generations to dream and walk stepping on the paths of the Immense happiness, but based on the ethical and moral “, however, he has reminded students that this is not served on a platter. After these words, he has invited the university students to read books, even if they are not from their careers, because through reading, they can expand their horizons and be a multi-academ or versatile.

After the conference, it has taken place the presentations of books, being the first according to the order, “the Foundations of the Educational System of Equatorial Guinea”, a work mainly constituted by results of collective work on research of the educational system of our country, 50 years later. According to Dr. Edjó Ovono Eyang, the work consists of two volumes and was born as the result of the fear that one of the fundamental achievements of the current regime might be lost. During his speech, the professor has pointed out that: “At one time of our work we have referred to the Educational System without stopping in details or pressures, the book begins with the selection of the definition of Educational System that sustains all the argumentation supported by throughout the entire work, “the author has clarified.

 After the presentation of Doctor Edjó,Dr. Juan Esono OYONO NSANG, author of the book: “God-the world-man, concert or divorce,” had to get on the lectern. This work was published at the Faculty of Theology of the Jesuits in Granada, Spain in May 2019. It is composed of 144 pages whose content includes about twelve conferences of miscellaneous topics, which constitutes true wealth. According to the author, “as soon as we talk about values, of Spanish colonization as an enigma of 200 years, of dialogue between faith and reason, of religion within the limits of reason, and so on. Well, this is the book we have the pleasure of offering our readers. “

On the same day today, prizes were awarded to the winners of the Literary Contest AAUCA 2021, being the winner in the verse modality, the student of Translation and Interpretation, Josefina Palacios, while the second place was taken by the student Saimon Asumu. In works written in prose, Fermín Abeso, a student from the Faculty of Economics, took first place and Begoña Gerona, from Interpretation and Translation, took second place.

To close the panel of the activities, the Director of the Libraries of the Afro-American University of Central Africa has offered information about the operation of this book house.

The activities presented during the day ended, according to the formal order, with a family photo. It is worth highlighting that many have been invited to this celebration of International Book Day: civil and military authorities of the province of Djibloho and the university community was commanded by the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities, on behalf of the Rectoral Table of this institution.

It is necessary to remember that every year, UNESCO chooses a city as a capital of the book, the capital of the book of this year is Tbilis, in Georgia and the slogan is: “Ok, then your next book is …?

Fortunato Esono (Press AAUCA)


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