The delivery of dispatches has been carried out at the Afro-American University between the outgoing directors and those recently appointed by the Head of State and Government.

 After making public last Monday, November 1, Decree Nº. 126/2021 dated August 27, which appointed New Directors of the Afro-American University of Central Africa, this Friday, the outgoing have delivered dispatches to those recently appointed by the Head of State.

This is Dr. Jesús Nvé MITOGO, who has transferred the responsibility of the academic vice-rector to the newly appointed Acting Academic Vice-Rector, Mr. Tito Mitogo NZAMIO, while the outgoing Secretary General, Dr. Juan Carlos Cervera RIBADO delivered the office to the Doctor Andrés Oyono NGUEMA and, finally, the Human Resources Department of the AAUCA has changed from Doña Soledad Ayingono EDU NCHAMA to Don Eugenio Ntutumu NDONG EYANG. The new heads of the academic vice-rectory, general secretariat and human resources, in their different interventions, have committed themselves to give each one their grain of sand so that the Afro-American University of Central Africa meets the objectives set by the President of the Republic.

This ceremony for the change of responsibilities has been presided over by the General Director of Higher and University Education, His Excellency Mr. Pergentino Esangui ONDO, on behalf of the First Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of Education, University Teaching and Sports.

After the dispatch ceremony, both the outgoing and newly appointed managers visited their new workplaces in the company of the Rector Dr. Said IRANDOUST and the Administrative Vice-Rector, Dr. Armando Monsuy ENGONGA NCHAMA.


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