ERP System Information and Q&A Meeting

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): The Educational ERP Software is an important tool for colleges and universities to make various university processes simpler and more efficient for students, faculty members and administrative staff. The ERP System comes with several modules to handle many functions of the university such as the one to manage complete student university life cycle from admission to course/program completions. It significantly simplifies admission processes, handles the examinations processes, controls inventories and various university centers, and integrates and simplifies the management of HR and finances of the university. In summary the ERP System helps manage business workflows at the university and streamlines the flow of information between all business functions and units within the university. Hence it is also an effective management tool to have a fast, simple, and real-time overview over the various crucial functions of the university.

The Rector organized on April 8, an ERP information and Question & Answer session for AAUCA management team, Deans, and Directors of the AAUCA admin to provide the big picture (about the importance of the ERP, its advantages, and the responsibilities it entails, etc..), foster their understanding about the system, and to answer any question they might have.  An internal ERP implementation team has also been set up to prepare and conduct the implementation work. The work will start when and if it is approved by the Ministry.


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