Organizing for Future  A Focus on Outcomes

The Rector of the AAUCA had a presentation on 05-26-2021 dealing with important points such as:

Efficiency in professional, operational and support services is driven by the need to streamline business processes and optimize the use of resources.

Efficiency in research, teaching & learning, embraces processes associated with the organization of teaching and research.

A broad range of activities related to the articulation of efficiency in the context of the value creation model to underpin performance management and institutional development; accountability and stewardship for institutional capital (financial, intellectual, human, relationship, natural, reputational, etc.); development of institutional “efficiency culture” based on leadership and staff engagement, investment in skills, technology and capacity-building; effective internal communication; engagement of governing bodies; stakeholder perception of value and integrated reporting.

Prof. Dr. Said Irandoust, PhD

Rector, AAUCA


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