Preparatory Year

At AAUCA, we want to equip our students with every academic advantage possible. During your preparatory year you will be trained in the skillsets required to take your learning to the next level. With an engaging and comprehensive curriculum, you will be able to confidently walk into your degree knowing that you’ve acquired a solid foundation of learning that will carry your future learning.

During the Preparatory Year, you can expect to acquire an in-depth understanding of language, mathematics, social studies, and natural sciences.

Contact For Preparatory Year

Afro-American University of Central Africa

Oyala, Wele – Nzas, Equatorial Guinea
Email: info@uaac.gq
Tel: (240) 555 000 444

Learn, Live, Succeed

At AAUCA we want to offer an education for life and the total success of our students. That’s why our courses do not just focus on knowledge, but also on experience.

To increase the scope of our programs, to make them more valuable to you and you more valuable to a potential employer, we offer courses on how to take your first steps in your career.

During the course of your studies at AAUCA, you will get the opportunity to take internships and summer jobs in your chosen industry, attend workshops on job hunting with tips on how to make the most of your CV and interview techniques.

All of this means that when your course ends, not only will you be furnished with the knowledge to be an expert in your field, you will also have the skillsets required to excel in our modern world.

Explore our full curriculum below and start your journey into your future career.

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