The organizers of the conference on Cop 26 held at the AAUCA receive their respective certificates in the auditorium of this Academic Institution.

After the celebration of the COP 26 event on climate change that took place within the Afro-American University of Central Africa, the organizing committee of this activity, headed by Professor Doctor José, has decided to award certificates to the participants, according to their degree of participation and involvement. The certificates have been divided into five blocks: that of the organizers, followed that of the speakers, panel of students, assistants and translators.

When dealing with climate and environmental change, students at the Afro-American University of Central Africa drafted a statement, in which they pledge to continue to uphold.

It should be noted that COP 26 was the world summit on climate change, an event that brought together more than a hundred Heads of States and several delegations from many countries. The meeting took place in the Scottish city of Glasgow, in the United Kingdom from 6 to 13 November 2021. In such a way that, the AAUCA did not let this hot topic go unnoticed, so, in Based on the issues addressed in Glasgow, they were also involved and held within the university, with different activities, including conferences, panels, among others.

This is the full statement of the AAUCA students:


 We, the students of the Afro-American University of Central Africa AAUCA, hereby declare:

  1. That we are aware of the great social and environmental crisis caused by man and that climate change is producing serious consequences for nature and humanity.


  2. That we are aware that fossil fuels, such as oil, are the causes of the greatest environmental disaster facing humanity today, and that renewable energies are the future for greater sustainable development and a prosperous future.
  3. . That we are aware that a modern, prosperous and healthy society cannot be conceived without quality education, without conscious, ethical, collaborative and visionary citizens.

After the education we have received during the COP 26 conferences held in the city of Glasgow and in the AAUCA from October 30 to November 13, this year, we propose and commit ourselves to:

  1. We are committed to being active actors in the conservation of our environment by carrying out actions that produce positive impacts on nature and our community.
  2. We understand that clubs and student associations for a better quality of life is vital for everyone, therefore, it is our intention to actively participate in existing clubs and if necessary to implement new initiatives that lead to enrich our environmental, economic and social heritage of our university.
  3. . It is our greatest ambition to contribute to projects such as tree plantations, create student gardens and research gardens, raise awareness for the use of hygiene and health measures, maintain peace and student coexistence on our campus.
  4. We are now committed to contribute to waste management actions, keep our residences clean, make cleaning days and above all give environmental awareness talks.

AAUCA students having seen and accepted the terms of the declaration signed below





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