Presupuesto An optimal and well-planned budgeting process is a necessary and valuable tool for any organization.

The AAUCA has now started to put in place a new budgeting process strongly linked to the planned activities and projects with regular follow ups. The AAUCA budget 2022 needs to be finalized and submitted to the Government in the beginning of June this year.

The AAUCA has established a budget review committee, the AAUCA Budget Committee (ABC), with the Rector, the Secretary General, the Dean of the School of Business Innovation, and Entrepreneurship and the Head of Finance. Its work plan is as follows:

  1. The ABC will develop the budget guidelines and the corresponding budget sheet.
  2. The ABC will send these to the Schools and all other units of AAUCA to start preparing their respective budgets which needs to be linked to their concrete activities (business plan).
  3. The Schools and Units will return the above reports for the review of the Head of Finance.
  4. The ABC will meet each School/Unit to discuss the business plans and corresponding budgets.
  5. Recommendations of the ABC will be submitted to the Rector’s Management Team (RMT) for review approval, and submission to the Government for consideration for final approval.




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