Doctors from the Gynecology and Fertility Clinic of the Province of Djibloho gave a talk to the AAUCA university community this Wednesday morning.


The talk from which the students, professors and directors of the Afro-American University of Central Africa have benefited has been about sex education. Doctors specialized in gynecology have explained in great detail the types of sexually transmitted diseases that exist, how they attack and affect the human body, starting from the mild to the most serious, those that have a curative treatment, and those that still do not. they have a fixed recipe, that is to say, that at the moment it cannot be cured.

The doctors have not only addressed the different ways that these diseases destroy the human body, but they have also offered the different ways that people can prevent these diseases. The use of condoms is still the best way to have sex without significant risk, they have also mentioned the responsibility in couples.After talking about the different ATS, those that are curable and those that are curable, the second part of the conference dealt with the different pregnancies, early, desired and ectopic. Doctors have also offered different solutions to avoid these phenomena, among which, mention has been made again of the use of condoms, contraceptives, etc. And for the couple who already want children, family planning has been recommended.So that it is not a monologue, the speakers have opened a question section so that they can interact with the hosts. Questions and doubts that have been masterfully clarified.


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