The academics of the Afro-American University of Central Africa have awarded the President of the Republic H.E. Obiang NGUEMA MBASOGO the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in matters of Educational Policy at the opening ceremony of the 2021-2022 school year held on the afternoon of this Friday.

By: Fortunato Esono

The Afro-American University of Central Africa has officially started the academic year 2021-2022. This opening ceremony was different from the previous ones because the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea H.E. Obiang NGUEMA MBASOGO attended this event.

According to the order of business established by the hosts, the event began with the speech of welcome to the AAUCA to the Head of State, by the representative of the students of this Higher Academic Institution Pedro Bonifacio Aló, who in his speech thanked the President on behalf from the entire student community for the great work it is doing to train Equatoguinean youth, creating human resource training centers such as AAUCA.

After the words of gratitude, the Academic Vice-Rector, Doctor Nvé MITOGO gave the academic report of the previous year, where he recognized the work and effort made by the students of the different schools of this university, and the results obtained have been satisfactory, since the 70% of the students have passed all subjects.

On the other hand, the Rector of the Afro-American University of Central Africa, Doctor Said IRANDOUST, in his speech, has expressed his gratitude and gratitude to the Head of State for his great and ambitious global vision in establishing the AAUCA: “it is a very audacious milestone and important for the future of this country, of the Region, of Africa and beyond”, said the Rector. According to Dr. IRANDOUST, these projections show that by the year 2050, the population of Africa will double. The Rector of the AAUCA has focused more on the importance of the role of the university in terms of transforming the lives of students, people from local communities, the country and Africa, among others.

After other interventions, the Secretary General of the AAUCA, Dr. Juan Carlos Cervera read to the entire university community and all invited guests, the reasons why the Afro-American University of Central Africa has deigned to offer the Head of State H.E. Obiang NGUEMA MBASOGO status the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in matters of Educational Policy. It is because of the eagerness and dedication that the President of our Nation has in promoting training and education to the Equatorial Guinean people, thus creating academic institutions such as the National University of Equatorial Guinea and the recently created Afro-American University of Central Africa located in the city. de la Paz, Djibloho Province.


Finally, the Head of State addressed the university community and guests with a speech full of wisdom, encouragement and many reflections, focusing more on Equatoguinean youth in general and AAUCA students. According to H.E. Obiang NGUEMA MBASOGO, the Afro-American University of Central Africa is a project of a personal initiative considering that this Institution will serve as an instrument that promotes the integration of African, Hispanic and Asian Youth to the Afro-Ibero-American culture and civilization. and Bantu.“If in general the role of the university is to promote the union of societies with the world of development and research, we believe that the AAUCA will play a very important role in the integration of young Africans and the world in this wide-ranging cultural miscegenation”,Decided Head of State

On the other hand, he has also spoken about the economic aspect, saying that we can create health-based economies, with an optimal operation of our hospital facilities managed by competent personnel. He has also praised the undertaking that the young Equatorial Guinean is carrying out to promote the development of our Nation.

Finally, he congratulated the Rector of the AAUCA, the professors and students in general, for their determination to be the pioneers in the implementation of this University.“Your names will be remembered by the history and the people of Equatorial Guinea; I look forward to the great opportunity to participate in the academic ceremony for the awarding of degrees to the first class of AAUCA that has started with your enrollment this academic year”. With this word, the Head of State H.E. Obiang NGUEMA MBASOGO has made the official opening of the academic year 2021-2022.

This ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Education, University Teaching and Sport, Clemente Engonga NGUEMA ONGUENE, the director of the Unesco Office for Central Africa Salah KHALED, some members of the Government, the local authorities of the city de la Paz, urban districts of Mebere and Oyala and the provincial authorities of Djibloho, Centro Sur, Wele-Nzas and Kie-Ntem.


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