covid-buenoThe Covid-19 case surveillance group continues to work for better control and prevention of the pandemic in the AAUCA university community.

By: Fortunato Esono OBAMA ANDONG

The team led by the director of student affairs, the director of academic affairs, the medical unit, the director of university residences and the supervisor of the security company Gartoll has carried out work sessions in the last days to outline the strategies prevention of the pandemic that is hitting the world.

According to the minutes of these work sessions, the issue of poster designs entrusted to the group of AAUCA Graphic students was addressed, the objective of which is to sensitize the entire university community to the frequent use of masks and constant hand disinfection.

After the issue of the posters, they continued with the vaccination process, that is, how the injection of the first dose would be carried out to the students and staff of the AAUCA, and they concluded that, to obtain a greater information on the frequency with which the group of vaccinators arrive in the province of Djibloho, they should be in contact with them and know in great detail the vaccination schedules so that they can ensure that the entire University Community is vaccinated before the holidays.

After emphasizing inoculation, it is worth highlighting for now 42 people, including students and staff have already received their corresponding doses (first and second).

In an effort to ensure the health of all students, professors, administrative staff and other visitors, the Afro-American University of Central Africa has already acquired disinfectant machines and they are located in some parts of the campus such as: the library, the rectory and preparatory school respectively.

After evaluations of the evolution of the work carried out by the group since its creation, they gave some recommendations, among them, the constant distribution of the masks.

To conclude with the work sessions, the members of the committee visited the different faculties and the preparatory school to be sure that the constant use of the masks was being carried out and the result of the expedition was satisfactory.

It should be noted that at the Afro-American University of Central Africa no case of Covid-19 has yet been detected, but the vaccination process is going from strength to strength.


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