The Monsignors of the Dioceses of Mongomo (Equatorial Guinea) and Mbalmayo (Cameroon) have arrived today Thursday at the Afro-American University of Central Africa.

 Today Thursday, around 11 in the morning, the heads of the ecclesiastical sees of Mongomo (Equatorial Guinea), Monsignor Juan Domingo Bakaha and of Mbalmayo (Cameroon), Monsignor Joseph-Marie NDI-OKALLA have paid a courtesy visit to the new University of Equatorial Guinea located in the City of Peace, in the Province of Djibloho. The objective of his presence in this Academic Institution has been to know the functioning of the AAUCA since its inception, as pointed out by the Bishop of Mbalmayo, Monsignor Joseph Marie during his conversation with the Rector of the AAUCA, Professor Doctor Said IRANDOUST.

During the development of the meeting between the religious and the Rector, Bishop NDI-OKALLA asked about the reason for the name “Afro-American University of Central Africa”. A question that the rector Said IRANDOUST has answered in detail: “the name is due to the vision that the President of the Nation wants to give to Equatorial Guinea and the African Continent, so that all African students are not oriented so much to universities Western countries, but also have the AAUCA as a reference, where they will be able to acquire universal knowledge from Equatorial Guinea to the outside world ”. Dr. Said IRANDOUST underlined. An explanation the illustrious guest has praised and shared: “it is a pretty good vision, something like that we wanted to implement in the Catholic University of Central Africa, UCAC, based in Yaoundé”, Monsignor INDI-OKALLA has recognized.

On the other hand, he has requested a collaboration between the AAUCA and the Diocese of Mbalmayo In it, the Bishop of the Diocese of Wele-Nzas, Monsignor Juan Domingo has presented it to the Rector of the AAUCA, so that both institutions can collaborate on behalf of young people so that they can reorient them in the values. Projects that the top leaders of the Afro-American University of Central Africa have considered very important.

Ecclesiastical Commission was composed of the Bishop of the Diocese of Wele-Nzas, Equatorial Guinea and that of Mbalmayo, Cameroon; the secretary chancellor of Mongomo and the secretary of the Episcopal Conference of Gabon.

After the visit, both parties took a family photo on the façade of the Rector’s Office of this University to immortalize this great meeting.




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